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    October 30, 2019

    Dear Solana Santa Fe Families,

    As I wrote in an earlier weekly communication, our staff is engaged in a study of the book All Learning is Social and Emotional. In Chapter 2, the authors examine the personality traits of Identity and Agency. The book defines Identity as “an understanding of who we are - our attributes, the way we see ourselves in relation to others, our perceived talents, and the awareness of our shortcomings.” Agency “describes our capacity to act in empowered and autonomous ways. Beliefs about our agency influence confidence and contribute to our resiliency when faced with a negative event.”

    In our discussions with staff, we agreed that students need to build their identity in order to access their agency. We also concluded that an understanding of ourselves is directly connected to one’s self-image and self-confidence. For example, understanding of our shortcomings will stifle us if we lack the perspective to feel confident despite knowing we are flawed. Furthermore, facing these shortcomings or challenges and feeling empowered to change ourselves for the better, (agency), is directly linked to our own positive identity.

    One important way teachers, staff, parents and families can support self-confidence is in feedback. The most effective feedback children can receive is about process. Complimenting effort, focus, and perseverance is far more effective in building confidence and work habits than complimenting results and finished products. Recognizing children for hard work and attention to task teaches them to believe in their own abilities and empowers them to control their outcomes.


    Matthew Frumovitz, Principal                                               

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