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    October 16, 2019

    Dear Solana Santa Fe Families,

    It is with great enthusiasm that I announce the second annual Solana Santa Fe Halloween Parade! Our staff will be dressing up and are equally excited to see our students show off their Halloween costumes!  The parade will begin at 8:45am on Thursday, October 31st.  The parade will be on the 1st-6th grade playground blacktop area.

    Parents are welcome and can wait for the parade to start inside the designated coned off area on the back playground. Morning drop off procedures will remain the same. All students go into their classrooms to drop off backpacks and to take attendance. Parents remain outside during the morning attendance process. Once your child’s class has completed their morning routine, the children will return to our playground area and join the parade.  Each class will circle the parade route a few times.  Parents please stay in the designated areas to allow for children to smoothly and safely move through the parade route.  Silly and Spooky Halloween tunes will be playing while our students enjoy the parade.

    The main focus of school every day is learning.  Any costume that disrupts class or does not allow a student to participate fully in EVERY class activity will not be allowed. Please review the following costumes rules to ensure a successful day:

    • All costume preparations are to be completed at home. Halloween supplies found on campus such as face paint, hair spray, silly string, etc. will be sent to the office.
    • Hats and jewelry accessories, as part of a costume, are permitted. No other props are allowed.
    • Face paint and hair coloring are permitted, but must be removed prior to the next school day.
    • Footwear must be safe, supportive and consistent with playground standards. Closed toe shoes are recommended.
    • If a costume has a mask, the student will be asked to remove the mask following the parade.
    • Students may wear their costume all day at school, unless otherwise advised by the teacher and/or if other individual classroom arrangements have been set up with the teacher.
    • All costumes need to adhere to the existing Solana Santa Fe Dress Code. 

    Note: Inappropriate costumes will be excluded from the parade and parents will be asked to bring a change of clothes to school.

    We look forward to safe Halloween celebrations.  We appreciate your support with this effort.


    Matthew Frumovitz, Principal                                               

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