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    • I launched this campaign to get more books in my students’ hands by expanding our classroom library. One of the biggest joys of teaching is seeing a student fall in love with a book. But it’s not always easy to get the right book in the hands of the right reader. Some students are interested in books about animals, while others love sports or history. Not only are my students interested in different things, but they also read at different levels! I can only be the teacher I want to be if I can help my students become better readers. The most effective way to do this is to fill my classroom library with a diverse collection of books at a variety of levels. Your support will help me raise money to fill our classroom library with new books. Growing lifelong readers is the goal of my class—and your contribution will help do just that!

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  • Gift cards to Jamba Juice, Target, Amazon, and Starbucks are great for class supplies, class economy incentives, and prize box items!