• Because of the great support from parents participating in the Foundation for Learning, we are able to offer P.E., Art, Computers, Science, and SPTV. Thank you to everyone for your support. 

    Art - Today's Creators are tomorrow's innovators.....and tomorrow's innovators cannot succeed without a balanced brain!  Combine the intuitive, simultaneous, characteristics of the right brain with the analytical, sequential and verbal characteristics of the left brain..... and you have the balanced Solana Pacific student.  Plaster sculpture, ceramics, pen and ink drawing, still life pencil shading, metal embossing, print making, transfer scratch art, perspective, portraiture, and "Recycle Art" are just a few of the amazing, challenging projects offered to the talented "Sandpipers" of Solana Pacific Elementary... Art...We "Just Do it"

    Science - In the Science Enrichment pullout, students get a chance to investigate the science standards for their grade levels in a practical way.  Through experimentation, lecture presentations and demonstrations, advanced and current video presentations, thought-provoking games,  and discussion, the Science Pullout provides a greater understanding of the forces that sculpt our physical and biological world.

    P.E. - Here at Solana Pacific Elementary School our students participate in team-building activities, sports, and games to promote communication, leadership, cooperation, and sportsmanship skills in a FUN, non-competitive environment.  Such activities include soccer, basketball, hockey, and football.  Students also discover the importance of health and exercise to their daily lives and include them in their healthy lifestyle.  Lastly, students learn to set realistic goals, long and short-term, and to develop strategic methods of becoming successful in meeting those goals.     

    Technology - In Solana Pacific Technology class, students have the opportunity to learn about different topics related to technology. Common Sense Media, how to use different software, programming and robotics are examples of what we work on in technology. In addition, students can build and program different robots and work on game-based programming sites.