• At Solana Pacific we believe that everyone can learn and grow and become more intelligent.  We are not simply born smart or not. We nurture a growth mindset in order to strengthen natural curiosity and the tenacity, persistence, and grit it takes to accomplish something difficult. People who have a growth mindset seek out challenges. They see failure as a chance to learn from mistakes. They celebrate the success of others because they see an opportunity to learn from the journey of others. A growth mindset person has the courage to seek challenge knowing that persistence is the key to achieving.

    Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

    As parent and teacher, the best way to foster a growth mindset is to praise our students and children for effort and persistence.  Focusing on effort rather than intelligence produces high achievers in school and in life.  The reason, Dr. Carol Dwerck (Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and author of Mindset) says, is that those who think that innate intelligence is the key to success begin to discount the importance of effort.  I am smart, the kids’ reasoning goes; I don’t need to put out effort.” “Emphasizing effort gives a child a variable they can control.  They come to see themselves as in control of their success.  Emphasizing natural intelligence takes it out of the child’s control, and it provides no good recipe for responding to failure.”

    Growth  Mindset Videos: