• Homework Resources

    This page will be a fabulous resource for 4th graders in Room 100 and their families who need help accessing homework links.



    Go to http://www.edmodo.com or download the free app to access our class Edmodo group called "17-18 Kvalstad Kids". 

    Student login: firstnamelastinitialstudent# (Ex: laurenkvalstad0 OR laurenk0)

    Password: initials and 4-digits (Ex: lk1234) 



    Go to http://www.google.com or download the free app to access your Google Drive account.

    Student login: firstnamelastname@sbsd.k12.ca.us (Ex: laurenkvalstad@sbsd.k12.ca.us)

    Password: 4-digits solana (Ex: 1234solana) 


    Front Row

    Go to https://www.frontrowed.com or download the free app to access differentiated Math and ELA lessons.

    Class Code: kvals3



    Go to https://play.dreambox.com/login/rdew/solanape or download the free app to access our 

    Student login: firstnamelastname (Ex: laurenkvalstad) Double-check your password page because your login may not include ALL of the letters in your last name if it's long.

    Password: 4-digits (Ex: 1234)