• Third Grade Talent Show
    We will hold an informal talent show for third graders only on the last day of school (just students and teachers). We hope to have 100% participation! Please be creative!
    In the past, students have done the following: sports (
    how to pitch, dribble a ball, shoot a basket), played a musical instrument, recited poems, acting, singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, demonstrated cooking, art, sewing, gymnastics, cheer, present an original video/keynote/podcast, lip sync, martial arts... 
     Please make sure to follow the directions below.
    1. Your presentation including music/materials you will use must be previewed/approved one week in advance by your teacher.
    2. Presentation should be no more than 3 minutes long.
    3. Please bring any music, materials, or accompaniment you will need.
    4. You may do a talent with more than one person in any class.
    5. You can only be in two talent numbers.  
    6. You must follow all school and classroom rules (no weapons, no archery)