• I know these are difficult times! However here are some fun ideas you can do to bring a little bit of STREAM and Maker Space into your homes!

    Egg drop challenge
    DIY slime
    DIY playdough
    Create a board game (monopoly, battleship, etc.)
    Marble Run/Maze
    Lego Challenge
    Paper airplane from foldnfly.com (test which goes farthest) 
    Make "rubber stamps" with foam and cardboard
    Create a musical instrument
    Draw a comic book
    Invent and create a toy for your pet
    Build a bird feeder
    Weave a bracelet/bookmark
    Create a stop motion video 
    Create a flipbook
    Create a dreamcatcher
    Create a "God's Eye" out of yarn
    Paper Chain Challenge (What is the longest paper chain you can make out of ONE piece of 12x18 piece of paper?)
    Design and create a geoboard
    Create a kaleidoscope 
    Build a ride for an amusement park
    Remember what we always tell you! You only need recyclables and immagination!