Because of the size of our student population and depth of our projects we are always looking for donations! Here are some of the most common donation question answers:

    What do you need? 

    We can use almost anything! If you can recycle it we can use it! The most common items we go through are the following and are always gladly accepted! Sometimes items that you think would not be used can be the most popular with our students! Feel free to ask!

    Plastic Jars, Bottles, Cups 

    Sour Cream/ Yogurt Containers

    Soda/Water Bottle/Jar Caps (For Robotics Building) WE NEED TONS!

    Cardboard (Preferably Smaller Pieces The Size Of A School Desk) 

    Shoe Boxes 

    Old Wood (Small Pieces) 

    Wine Corks 

    Clean 2L Soda Bottles 

    Clean Drink Containers 


    Fabric (Sewing/Craft) 

    Food Coloring 

    Art Supplies (ANYTHING!) (Pipe Cleaners, Feathers, Paint, Crayons, Stickers, Clay) 

    Batteries (AA However We Can Use All Kinds) 



    Card Stock 

    Hot Glue Sticks (Mini) 

    Old Magazines/Newspaper 

    Non Latex Balloons (Allergies!) 

    Old Small Toys For Arduino Robotics 

    Bubble Wrap/Packing Supplies (However No Packing Peanuts) 

    Small Pieces Of Styrofoam 

    Styrofoam Balls

    *Our fifth grade baking project is coming up. If you have flour, baking powder, and baking supplies and equipment that you are not using we would be more than happy to take them!

    I have large items that I would like to donate can you use them?

    Feel free to send me an email at ericschneider@sbsd.net or stop by and see me before or after school. I can set up a time to meet you as well if you need help bringing it in.

    Where can I drop off donations?

    Small donations like a small grocery bag full of materials can be dropped off in the bins by the front entrance in the office. 

    Multiple bags of materials can be dropped off in front of the Maker Space (Room 109) where they will be sorted through and prepped for students to use.

    Large items such as big boxes, or electronics please send me an email before dropping off so I can let you know if we could use it.

    Do you take tools? 

    Yes! We are looking for tools and building items (such as hardware) that are not broken and in good condition such as:





    Small Wood Pieces 

    Drafting/Measurement Rulers

    Sand Paper 

    Wood Shavers 

    Grips And Vices 

    Small Drills

    *Feel free to stop by or email Mr. Schneider if you have any questions about tool donations!