A vital part of our STREAM program this year at Solana Pacific is community outreach. If you or someone you know has a career or knowledge in a unit or skill we are studying we would love to have you come in and share your knowledge with our students. It can be anything from a recorded video of you sharing to a face to face presentation or share out. Robotics is fully integrated in all of our units depending on the content taught it may have a stronger focus. If you have knowledge of computer science or robotics feel free to reach out!

    Below you will find the units of study for each grade level:


    Unit 1: Earthquakes (Focus On Structures) 

    Unit 2: Collisions/Car Crashes (Focus On Solar Power/Renewable Energy Cars) 

    Unit 3: Energy (Robotics And Computers)

    Unit 4: Animals And Plants


    Unit 1: Matter And Its Interactions 

    Unit 2: Matter To Organisms

    Unit 3: Earth's Systems

    Unit 4: The Universe


    Unit 1: Sixth Grade Camp Project (Heat Transfer In Nature)

    Unit 2: Heat Transfer 

    Unit 3: Weather

    Unit 4: Human Impacts

    Unit 5: Cells

    If you have any questions please reach out to Mr. Schneider at ericschneider@sbsd.net