• Discipline

    At Skyline School, it is our priority to maintain a positive environment ­­­­­­for all students, staff members, and families. All members of the school community are expected to demonstrate kindness, courtesy, and respect to themselves and others, to be responsible for their actions, words, and belongings, and to ensure safety at all times. These expectations are built on the following three principles:

    • Take care of yourself
    • Take care of each other
    • Take care of our school

    When students choose to not follow Skyline’s behavioral expectations, conversations and/or consequences will result. We strive to help students to change inappropriate behaviors and help them understand how to handle situations differently in the future. Positive behavioral interventions may be implemented and could include: walking the track, writing a reflection and/or letter of apology, campus community service, speaking with the school guidance counselor, loss of privileges, time away from peers and/or the classroom, or a chat with the principal, including a student call to the parent/guardian. These positive consequences will promote smooth student interactions, and enhance the harmonious environment that makes Skyline such a special place in the Solana Beach community.

    All staff members have a responsibility for assisting in explaining and implementing school expectations. Students may be redirected by any staff member on campus.

    As a general rule, more serious consequences are used only when other positive behavioral interventions have failed to bring about a change in behavior. More serious incidents or persistent problems may result in parents being invited to a conference at school, creation of behavior plan for the student, or in very serious cases, in-school or off- campus suspension.