• 2019-20 Safety Procedures at Skyline School

    Before School

    1. The earliest students will be allowed to enter Skyline’s campus will be at 8:35 a.m. unless they are going to CDC or are involved in an early morning program (e.g., homework support, newspaper, etc). Students who go to CDC in the morning before school will access the CDC gate by room 113.
    2. Students who come for early homework support, math/reading intervention, yearbook, newspaper, etc., will enter the front office and go to their designated room.
    3. Once students enter the campus, they will proceed up to the playground to either sit at the lunch table area or to walk around the walking track surrounding the blacktop.
    4. Teachers will be on duty beginning at 8:35 a.m. Only students with written passes from teachers should be in classrooms before school. Students should NOT drop off their backpacks at their classrooms before school.
    5. If parents wish to come on to the campus, they must come to the front office, sign in, and get a visitor badge before going out on campus.
    6. The District and City of Solana Beach have hired crossing guards in the AM on the east and west side of the 5 freeway.


    During School

    1. All parents and visitors should come to the office to sign in and get a badge before going out on campus.
    2. If lunches or student homework is dropped off, it will be located at the front desk in the office.   Students may retrieve these items at morning recess or lunch recess.
    3. Walkie-talkies will be assigned to identified staff members as we do not have enough for each staff member. If you are at PE with your class and do not have a walkie-talkie, please take your cell phone with you so the office can call you if a child is being checked out or a child returns from an appointment. If wish to get a walkie-talkie to use from the office, please return it, or have a student return it, to the office when you are finished with it.
    4. If a parent comes to pick up their child early, they will come into the office, sign their child out, and wait for their child outside the office. Students will meet their parents at the front gate next to the office.
    5. Students need to WALK within the building at all times and outside on the campus unless playing games on the blacktop or field during recess.
    6. ALL staff must wear badges during the school day.


    After School

    1. ALL teachers are expected to walk their students to the front gate at the end of the school day. All fourth grade and Global Ed students will proceed to the front of the school using the walk way next to the Theatre. Fifth grade and sixth grade students will use the walk way next to the office.
    2. Two teachers/staff members will provide supervision on Dell Street after school.
    3. Three teachers are at the front of the school, assisting students in cars.
    • Students may enter their cars along the curb in front of the campus.
    • Once students are in their car, their car may pull out into the second lane and exit the parking lot.
    1. Three teachers will meet students who are walking to Lomas/Glencrest/Stevens at the west end of the campus by the bike racks.
    2. One staff member will meet students who are walking east on Lomas at the corner of Solana Hills and Lomas Santa Fe.
    3. The District and City of Solana Beach have hired crossing guards in the PM on the east and west side of the 5 freeway
    4. CDC afterschool care and enrichment classes will meet their students at the outdoor amphitheater at the back of the campus.

    All gates to the campus are locked during school hours, 8:55 a.m. to 3:03 p.m.