• Principal's Message

    Dear Parents and Guardians:

    Skyline School, the Solana Beach School District, the City of Solana Beach, and the Sheriff’s Department are currently collaborating together to ensure the safety of our students as they come to Skyline in the morning and leave the campus in the afternoon.   We have provided training for our staff members who help our children cross the streets, classroom teachers have reviewed safety procedures with their students, and we will also be holding a safety assembly with our students. We ask that all parents review the following safety tips with your children to help reinforce and remind them that they must be highly alert at all times when they are on the streets of Solana Beach.

    • Cross streets at a corner, using traffic signals, where available, and crosswalks;
    • Watch the pedestrian signals, not the traffic signal, and follow the “walk/don’t walk” lights. On pedestrian signals that have a countdown to cross the street, do NOT cross the street if the countdown is 5 or less;
    • Make sure you are seen by making eye contact with drivers when crossing the street;
    • Always look left, right and left again before crossing a street, and keep watching as you cross. Be aware that drivers have differing levels of eyesight and skill in operating motor vehicles;
    • Be especially careful when stepping into an intersection, as drivers are often in a rush and they may not see you waiting to cross the street;
    • Walk on the sidewalk whenever possible. If sidewalks are not available, walk facing traffic on the edge of the road, as far to the left as possible;
    • When crossing streets, do not use your cell phone for calling or texting and do not wear headphones or earbuds as you cannot hear the traffic;
    • Children under 10 need to cross the street with an adult or an older sibling. Every child is different, but developmentally, most children are unable to judge the speed and distance of oncoming cars until age 10;
    • Use caution when crossing driveways as drivers may not expect you to be there or see you;
    • When entering into shopping center areas, do not walk through the parking lot; remain on the sidewalks until you see your car. Look carefully left, right and left again before crossing to your car.

    Thank you for working together with us to ensure the safety of your children.

    Lisa Denham


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