Each year we update, revise, and improve the Solana Pacific Emergency Preparedness Plan. We hold school-wide drills for fire, earthquake, and lockdown for the purpose of providing meaningful practice and improving our school plan. In the event of a “real” emergency, the priorities in our plan call for: 

    • accounting for all students and personnel 

    • attending to immediate physical & emotional needs 

    • releasing students to parents in a safe and orderly manner 


    In the event of an emergency, ALL students will be accounted for and cared for here at school until you, or others authorized by you on your Emergency Card, pick up your children. The information on your school Emergency Card needs to be complete and accurate in order to provide for the needs of your children. Please update your student’s Emergency Card throughout the year – we must have accurate addresses, phone numbers, persons to call, etc. You MUST have THREE names and numbers to release your children to in the event of any major emergency.