Add more books to your library!

  • If you do NOT have a San Diego County Library Card, click here to apply for an eCard. Note: Once the page opens scroll down to the subheading eCard Application.

    Open the Sora App, then:

    • Select Greater San Diego Area Schools
    • Select Solana Beach School District
    • Username: Student’s legal name (firstlast) no spaces
    • Password: District login password 

    Once you are logged in:

    • Look in the upper right hand corner
    • Click on the three horizontal lines
    • Click "Add a public library"
    • Type in San Diego County Library
    • Click to add this library
    • You will need either a San Diego County Library Card or an eCard to complete the registration process
  • Now you can choose books from either library! You can select a library by looking at the top center of your screen. There you will see the name of the library you are currently accessing. Below that is a down arrow where you can change libraries. And, when you search for a book you can select "Search all of my libraries" to see if either library has this book. Happy Reading!