Gold Medal

Gold Medal Reading at SP

  • Gold Medal Reading is sponsored by the Solana Pacific PTO and is designed to encourage our students to read recreationally.

    • Gold Medal Reading began on October 1, 2018! Students may enter a book finished on October 1st or anyday thereafter until Gold Medal Reading ends on May 17, 2019.

    • After a student finishes reading a book, s/he enters the title of the book and the numbers of pages it has into their Gold Medal Reading online account. Note: Entering the author's name is  optional.

    • The online account will keep track of the number of pages read. Each time a student reads 300 pages, s/he will advance a level.
    • Over the course of the year, there will be challenges. Students who are on the identified level will be eligible for participation in the challenge. So, remember to record your books as you go!
    • Students are recognized for their participation with a gold medal after reading 2.400 pages (Level 8); their picture on the Wall of Fame after reading 4,800 pages (Level 16.) And, at the end of the year, students who have read at least 7,200 pages (Level 24) will be invited to have lunch with the principal.
    • If a student's class is participating in the 40 Book Challenge, s/he may record these books read as part of our Gold Medal Reading program.