• Room 215 Classroom Management Plan

    My goal is to teach the students that the freedoms they earn in the classroom come by fulfilling responsibilities. My expectation is that all students behave in a manner that encourages everyone to learn, to feel comfortable to take risks in learning, and to express themselves. The beginning of this school year will be devoted to establishing a team/family climate in our classroom, which will set the atmosphere for the remainder of the year.

    All of the rules and consequences that govern our classroom are discussed together in class. This allows the students to take ownership of the expectations and gives them a voice in procedures and policies. This plan stresses self-discipline, teamwork, and individual responsibility.

    If a student breaks a rule, they will receive a warning. If he/she receives 3 warnings in one week, the student will not be permitted to go to HOT time on Friday. HOT time is a 20-minute block of free play and it is a privilege earned by students who complete their homework on time and behave responsibly.