• The Solana Highlands Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an integral part of the school.  All parents and teachers are encouraged to join and participate in PTA programs and activities which are designed to enrich our students' educational and community experiences.  We work together, creating opportunities to help every child reach their potential.  Here are some reasons to become a member:

    Our Children Benefit.  Research shows that children whose parents are involved perform markedly better and have fewer disciplinary problems.  Being a PTA member makes you a role model and demonstrates to your child the importance you place on education.

    The School Needs A Strong PTA. Schools are dependent on their PTA.  The PTA supports teachers and administrators, offers educational and engaging programs and creates a collaborative and caring community.

    Get Connected.  There’s no better way to know what’s happening in your school or to develop relationships with teachers and your principal.

    Make a Difference. By working together, PTA members advance local, state and national laws and policies to improve the education, health and well-being of all children.

    It’s Fun! You’ll be connected with other parents whose priority is to ensure the best possible learning environment.  You can help plan fun events, socials and get-togethers for the whole family.

    Raise the Bar.  The PTA fundraises to provide a wide variety of educational, fun and high quality experiences for students.  A healthy fund equals an improved learning environment and more opportunities for our children. 

    It’s Flexible. The PTA continues to adapt to meet the changing needs of parents. There are a variety of ways parents can help and be involved. Project responsibilities are flexible and can be adapted to meet the time constraints of volunteers. Many commitments can be completed at home on your own time.  Your skills and interests are needed!

    It’s for EVERY Parent. You matter!  Your ideas and contributions will help improve our school community.  PTA membership is open to everybody – whether you’re a parent, student, educator, business leader or community member.

    See More Member Perks Here

    Thank you for supporting Solana Highlands PTA! 

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  • Picture of two parents at the Ice Cream Social - Jenny and Emma at the Ice Cream Social
  • Picture of a Solana Highlands family at a school event including two kids and one parent