• The Solana Highlands Dads' Club
    Picture of two Dads, Jason and Steve at a school event on the field 
    What is the Dads' Club?
    The Dads' Club is a school based group of involved fathers. Our mission is to increase every father's involvement in their children's education. The Dads' Club is a highly valued PTA committee organizing many special events during the school year. We welcome all family members to attend and participate in Dads' Club events.
    What are our goals?
    Our goals are to increase the number of fathers participating in the school, to help build a stronger bond with our children and to create an active network of involved fathers.
    Picture of a family at the Ice Cream Social  
    What does the Dads' Club do?
    under construction over the summer
    Activities include but are not limited to:
    - Pancake Breakfasts - September ... & May ... (Lead Organizer: Leo Morales) 
    - Playground Pals ...
    - Foundation "Click for Kids Campaign" - ...
    - Bingo Night - January ...
    - Ruben H. Fleet Science Nights - ...
    - Field Day - June ...
    How to get involved:
    - Join the Dads' Club mailing list SolanaDadsClub@gmail.com 
    - Contact Dads' Club President (please contact the PTA President).
    Picture of John at the Mini Open House standing behind a table with 4 other people