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    January 14, 2019

    Dear Solana Highlands Families,

    Student Engagement

    Student engagement in its best form means students are immersed in the content and meaningfully engaged. While that is not always the case, we must acknowledge that the path to student engagement is not always direct. We must create learning environments that tend to both students’ and teachers’ well-being. To do this we must understand the following:

    1. The notion that relationships must come first! This can be difficult to prioritize when we want our kids to excel academically, but it is a must.
    2. Relationships inform classroom learning and whole-school culture!When relationships and a culture of care are at the root of interactions the groundwork has been laid for supporting risk-taking and ultimately, growth.
    3. Knowledge gleaned from relationships informs learning activities!Understanding students’ goals, interests, talents, and skills outside of the classroom can become the bridges to academic learning.  
    4. Knowledge gleaned from relationships informs approaches to behavior!This why you will find staff and myself on the playground and at lunch areas, learning about our students social relationships and interactions with their peers, to uncover new information and to understand how a student responds to difficult situations and conflict.  Learning about triggers for students in social situations so we can help to avoid or minimize those triggers in the classroom.
    5. Staff self-care is essential to caring for the whole child! Staff spend an enormous amount of time considering the strengths and needs of their students.  It is critical that staff members ensure that they’re caring for themselves, recognizing the victories, and taking the time to invest in their own peace and well-being.

    Ultimately, student engagement and relationships are highly correlated.

    Dolphin Dash

    Friday, February 8th is the Dolphin Dash, our school’s annual fun run. Proceeds from this time-honored event support the Solana Beach Schools Foundation which include the Discovery Labs and STREAM programs at our school.

    I encourage you to set up your child’s online fundraising page at pledgestar.com/solanahighlands. It only takes a few simple steps to set up your family’s pledge page. Students’ pledge sheets were sent home this week. They include instructions for setting up your online pledge page as well as the option to collect pledges offline.

    The top running class wins a choice activity with Coach Kono during their P.E. Discovery Lab and the top fundraising class wins popsicles on the playground with me, the Principal!

    Please save the date to come out to this fun Solana Highlands Community Event.

    Thanks for your continuing support of the Foundation and Solana Highlands.

    UCSD Student Volunteers

    Nicole and Angela, undergrad students & preservice teachers from UCSD will be volunteering every Friday from 8am-1pm, in classrooms, working with students until the end of the school year.

    Mark your calendar:

    • 1/16: PTA Meeting @ 8:45am in Upper Media Center
    • 1/17: PTA Bingo Night @ 5:30pm
    • 1/21: Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday


    Shawntanet Jara
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Solana Highlands Elementary School

    Mrs. Jara’s Twitter: @LeadwLovePower
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