• Registration Instructions

    Four stretchy gel balls - red, yellow, & green

     To register your child(ren) for CDC, click here and follow the instructions below: 

    1. From the home page, scroll down to "School Age Program" and click "Register for School Age Care." 

    2. Select the elementary school that your child will be attending. Your screen will redirect you to a page that includes information about that location. Click "Enroll Now" in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

    3. This will take you to the sign in page. From here, click "Create Account."

    4. Input your information (parent information) and click "Create Account."

    5. You will see a message saying "Registration Complete," and then you will automatically be redirected to an enrollment screen titled "Child Info."

    6. Input your child's information and click "Add New Child" at the bottom of the screen.

    7. You will see a screen asking you to verify your child's information. If any of the information needs to be corrected, select "Edit Child Info" and update your child's information. If all the information is correct, click "Looks Good. Start Registering." at the bottom of the page. 

    8. You will be redirected to an Emergency Contacts page. You must input 3 emergency contacts (including yourself) in order to continue your child's registration. To add a new contact: click "Create New Emergency Contact," input the contact's information and whether or not they are an authorized pick up, and click "Create Emergency Contact."

    9. Once you have added 3 (or more) Emergency Contacts, click "Verift Contacts/Pickups and Continue."

    10. Your screen will redirect to a page titled "Season/Location." From here you will see the current registration rates, the school year you are registering for, and a list of CDC locations. Verify that the school year is correct for the school year or summer you are registering for and select the school location your child will be attending in the fall. Once you have selected your child's school, click "Use Location and Continue."

    11. You will be directed to a page with the School Age Contract. Once you have read through the School Age policies, check the box next to "I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions." Then, click "Accept Terms and Continue."

    12. Your screen will redirect to a page titled "Contract Schedule." From here, you can select a consistent schedule, pick your days, or drop in:

    The consistent schedule option is for those who will have the same CDC schedule each week (ex: Monday, Wednesday, Friday every week). If you will be needing care on the same days each week, click the "Consistent Schedule" option. Scroll down to the information box, and input the days you will be using AM care and the days you will be using PM care.

    The drop in option is for those who will use care as needed and who do not know their care schedule in advance. If you will only be using CDC School Age care on a drop in basis, click the "Drop In" option. Scroll down to "choose some drop in days now" OR to "skip this step and continue" the registration process.

    13. Once you have selected your preferred Contract Schedule, click "Complete Schedule Setup and Continue."

    14. Your screen will be redirected to a page titled "Registration Questions." Once you have answered the questions and input the necessary information, click "Complete Questions and Continue" at the bottom of the screen. 

    15. You will be redirected to the final registration page, where you will be prompted to input your payment information (all accounts must have a credit card on file). To input your credit card information, click "Add Saved Payment Method" and complete the necessary fields (NOTE: Cards will not be charged until your contract has been approved by CDC admin).

    16. Once your credit card information has been entered, click "Complete Registration." You will receive a confirmation email with your selected Contract Schedule, and CDC admin will be in touch shortly to confirm that your registration is complete.

    For any registration questions, please call the CDC Office at (858) 794-7160.