• 2nd Grade

    Unit 1: Landform Materials 

    Essential Question: How can we describe different materials? How are materials similar and different from one another? What sort of changes can happen to materials? How do the properties of the materials relate to their use?
    Big Ideas: 
    • Properties of matter
    • Changes in matter
    • Separation of matter


    Unit 2: Landscape Changes
    Essential Question: What evidence do natural processes leave behind as they shape the Earth? How do the material properties of rocks affect what happens to them in landscapes?
    Big Ideas: 
    • Earth's slow and fast changes


    Unit 3: Landscape Shapes 
    Essential Question: How can we describe the shape of land and water on Earth?
    Big Ideas: 
    • Drawing and navigating maps
    • Bodies of water
    • How water freezes and melts


    Unit 4: Biodiversity in Landscapes
    Essential Question: How can we determine if plants need sunlight and water to grow? How do plants depend on animals? How many types of living things live in a place? How can we tell?
    Big Ideas: 
    • Plan and conduct experiments that prove the needs of plants
    • Animals in their habitats