• 1st Grade 

    Unit 1: Plant Shapes

    Essential Question: How can we tell different types of plants apart? How do these differences help the plants?
    Big Ideas: 
    • Parts of Plants
    • Biomimicry


    Unit 2: Animal Sounds
    Essential Questions: How are parents and their children similar and different? How do animal parents and children interact to meet their needs? How do animals communicate and make sound? 
    Big Ideas: 
    • Behavior or parents and babies
    • Communication


    Unit 3: Shadows and Light
    Essential Question: What causes shadows? What happens when there is no light?
    Big Ideas:
    • How light travels 
    • Exploring light: illuminated objects, reflection, transparency, translucency


    Unit 4: Patterns of Motion of Objects in the Sky
    Essential Question: What objects are in the sky and how do they seem to move? When will the sun set tomorrow? How does the moon's appearance change over each month?
    Big Ideas: 
    • Observing the sun, moon, and stars
    • Seasons