• Kindergarten 

    Unit 1: Pushes and Pulls 

    Essential Question: What happens when you push or pull an object? How can you make an object move faster or in a different direction?
    Big Ideas:
    • Pushes & pulls
    • Speed of an object
    • Direction of an object


    Unit 2: Weather Patterns 
    Essential Questions: What is the weather like today and how is it different from yesterday? Can I predict tomorrow's weather? How does the sun heat up materials in my classroom? How can I protect myself from the sunlight? How do we prepare for severe weather?
    Big Ideas:
    • Patterns of weather
    • Effects of sunlight on Earth's surface 
    • Tools that measure weather
    • Predicting weather
    • Severe weather


    Unit 3: Plants and Animal Needs
    Essential Questions: How do we know that something is alive? What do animals and plants need to survive? Does what they need affect where they live?
    Big Ideas:
    • Plants need water and light
    • Animals need food, water, and shelter


    Unit 4: Animals and Plants Can Change Their Environment

    Essential Questions: How do animals and plants change their environment to survive? What do we (humans) do that changes our environment? What can we do to modify our impact on the environment?
    Big Ideas:
    • How plants and animals interact with their habitat
    • Reducing human impact