• Licensing Requirements and Inspections

    License #372001867
    CDC is licensed and inspected by the California Department of Social Services and follows all State guidelines for licensed programs.

    Program Curriculum

    The CDC has developed its curriculum around the principles of “developmentally appropriate practice” as defined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. We plan activities that promote the growth and development of the “whole child” and focus on social, emotional, cognitive and physical development as well as creative expression through art and music. Our Pre-K classrooms are using the "Ready to Advance" curriculum as well as Second Step to guide developmentally appropriate instruction. A daily schedule of activities is posted in each classroom.

    Enrollment Policy

    The Child Development Center is non-discriminatory. We value diversity and respect the values held by each of our families. Children are accepted into the program on a tentative basis, pending a determination of the suitability of the program for the children and the ability of the children to adjust to the school environment. Enrollment applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Priorities are given to parents of children currently enrolled in the program who want to add days and siblings of children who are currently enrolled.
    Before a child is allowed to start in the program, parents must:
    • Complete all registration forms
    • Provide the CDC with an up-to-date copy of their child’s California immunization card 
    • Provide the CDC with a completed physician’s report 
    We accept children from 18 months through 30 months of age in our Toddler Program. The Preschool Program accepts children from 3 years through 5 years of age.  
    Children who are still wearing Pull-Ups are not considered to be toilet-trained.  Preschool age children must be completely toilet-trained prior to entering the program.
    The CDC considers children to be completely toilet-trained when they:
    • Can anticipate the urge to use the toilet
    • Can initiate going into the bathroom on their own
    • Can get there on time
    • Can pull down their pants
    • Can use the toilet
    • Can wipe their bottom
    • Can pull up their pants
    • Can wash their hands

    CDC Classrooms and Classroom Placement

    The CDC is an inclusive program. Our classrooms include both typically developing children and children who have special needs. Celebrating the diversity of all children in our program prepares our students for the diversity in their community. Children are placed in classrooms where they will have the greatest opportunity for success, as determined by the Solana Beach preschool staff. While we try to honor parent requests for their child to be with a favorite friend or a particular teacher, we are not always able to do so. Enrollment numbers, children’s schedules, ages and developmental levels are some of the factors used to determine placement.