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    Solana Highlands Elementary school loves their volunteers. Listed are many different specific ways to get involved and that are suitable to a variety of skills and availability:
    PTA Volunteering
    We LOVE our volunteers!  Are you a great party planner? Love to eat out?  Prefer numbers to talking to people?  Like to run, or maybe eat pancakes? We have people who do all of these things while having fun and supporting our wonderful school.  From executive leadership to stapling, copying or you name it, swing by the PTA office or Email PTA PresidentJuliet Torykian. 
    SBSF Volunteering
    1. Sign up with Solana Highlands Foundation President under construction over the summer  to serve at various opportunities throughout the school year.
    Classroom Volunteering
    1. Sign up with your teacher to serve as room parent, classroom volunteer, prep work volunteer or Friday folder volunteer.
    2. Sign up with your teacher to serve as a backup volunteer to help (volunteering wise) underserved classrooms of the same grade level. (Not all teachers participate in volunteer sharing.)
    3. Sign up with your room parent for special classroom events.
    Lunchtime Volunteering
    1. Sign up with Catherine Bender to serve as 'running club volunteer' once a week on running club days at one or more lunch recess shifts weekly-, biweekly- and floater volunteers are welcome.
    2. Sign up with Natalie Taylor to serve as 'playground pals' volunteer at one or more recess shifts; weekly volunteers are preferred.
    Library Volunteering
    1. Sign up with Hollis Lefkowitz or your teacher to serve as library volunteer.
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    Volunteering can be weekly or once in a while depending on needs and availability. The most important factor is to bring enthusiasm for the job and to be a reliable presence once have signed up. Understandably life gets in the way of volunteering at times, please inform of your absence so adjustments can be made.


    1. Read, sign and follow the Volunteer Code of Conduct.
    2. Each volunteer working with children must have the report of a negative TB test or X-ray on file in the health office. The results are good for 4 years.
    Check with your healthcare provider or walk in at Minute Clinic (CVS). Public Health Centers no longer provide TB tests to individuals with health insurance. The North Coastal Regional Public Health Center (760) 967 4401 can be contacted for more information on Public Health Center hours and locations.
    3. Please always set up your volunteering with the classroom teacher or related volunteer coordinator in advance. This important step will allow you to be most supportive and will avoid any unnecessary disruptions.
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