• Students need an instrument of their choice to participate in the band program. Students need their instrument in time for use during their first Zoom class on October 20. We recommend setting up your rental in advance to ensure the music store has stock.


    Beginning Band students may pick from flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet and baritone. Families can choose to purchase an instrument or rent one. There are many local music stores you may rent from. Most music stores also provide a rent-to-own option. We recommend students start out with renting, as quality instruments are a big investment ("Amazon" level instruments will not suffice) and repairs are costly. When you rent you can opt for insurance, which means no cost for repairs and no downtime while your instrument is being repaired.  You will receive a "loaner" or are handed a working instrument on the spot.


    We recommend renting from Bertrand's Music:

    Bertrand's Music


    9906 Carmel Mountain Road, San Diego, CA 92129 

    Phone:  (858) 780-1812

    Please bring the information below along with you to the music store. You may also utilize their website to rent an instrument. The Bertrand's flier below has a QR code for our school.


    What you will need:

    1) Rent your instrument of choice

    • Note: if you pick clarinet, please ask Bertrand's for one with a Clark Fobes or a Yamaha mouthpiece - they will know what that means.

    2) Purchase you accessories

    • Flute: Bertrand's flute care kit, $34.99, which includes a folding music stand 

    • Clarinet: Bertrand's clarinet care kit, $49.99 which includes a folding music stand and a box of ten VANDOREN 2.5 strength reeds

    • Saxophone: Bertrand's saxophone care kit, $49.99 which includes a folding music stand and a box of ten JUNO Alto Sax, 2.5 strength reeds

    • Trumpet: Bertrand's trumpet care kit, $34.99, which includes a folding music stand

    • Baritone: Bertrand's baritone care kit, $34.99, which includes a folding music stand

    3) Purchase your book

    • Essential Elements for Band 2000, Book 1 for your specific instrument, $10.99



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