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    June 07, 2020

    Dear SH Families,

    In this edition you will find:

    • Honoring Our Retirees
    • End of Year Video
    • End of Year Pick-Up procedures (same message that was sent on 6.3.2020)

    As we approach the end of our 2019-2020 school year, I want to thank you again for your efforts to support the children and our staff.  I am in constant amazement with the many ongoing collaborative efforts between staff and our parent community.  As a parent of an elementary school student and a middle school student, I know how challenging the past few months have been.  Your patience and partnership are valued. As we prepare to close the 2019-2020 school year, we are also simultaneously gearing up for the 2020-2021 school year.  To support future programs, our stakeholder groups are engaging in meetings.  Stakeholder groups are comprised of teachers, staff and parents to ensure multiple perspectives as we engage in proactive planning efforts for the returning/re-opening of school. Thank you, to the many, who have completed our district-wide surveys. Your voice has been heard and is greatly valued.


    We just want to recognize two teachers that have dedicated many years to the service of teaching children. After 27 years, Mrs. Kenny has decided to retire. Mrs. Kenny is known for being a true life long learner, always stepping into the adventure of learning something new with the outcome of becoming better. She has modeled that through her actions and is held in high esteem by her colleagues, students, and families. Thank you, Mrs. Kenny for giving us your love, your friendship, and your passion for teaching!

    After teaching for 39 years, Mrs. Keller has decided to retire as well. She has had many leadership roles at our school and played an active role in SBTA at the local level and been involved at the national level, PTA, and a member of numerous committees. Mrs. Keller has taught in the same community for most of her career and has developed strong family connections that certainly go beyond the classroom. Thank you, Mrs. Keller, for all of your years of service.

    We will miss you both very much and Solana Highlands won’t quite be the same without you. However, we wish you all the best as you begin new chapters of life!


    Be on the lookout, we have a surprise end-of-the year video for you from us. Nalani will send it out this week as we are still making the final touches.

    End of Year Pick-Up procedures (same message that was sent on 6.3.2020)

    With summer around the corner, we have turned our attention to closing out the school year. This includes the return of school materials and devices and the delivery of students’ personal items. This exchange will occur on either Wednesday, June 10th or Thursday, June 11th. Your exact day and time is provided below and is also linked here.

    WEEK of June 8th

    • Included here you will find a schedule and detailed information on when and how to pick up/drop off items during the week of June 8th. The class time drop off and pick up schedule is to help office staff distribute materials efficiently and to reduce the risk of larger group gatherings. We encourage families to drive through at the designated class time. Staff distributing items will be masked, gloved and social distancing parameters followed.
    • The building will not be open for families to register or walk in.  Front doors will be locked, during the week of June 8th to maintain our front office and building safety. This week is not a time for reunions, or frequent visitor traffic. 
    • There will be a walk up option vs. drive through. This is only in consideration for families who do not have vehicle transportation.  If a family chooses to walk, we encourage that only one family member come to campus to retrieve materials. There will be a clearly marked walking path. Face coverings will be encouraged.

    What to Expect When You Drop Off /Pick Up Materials:

    • In order to maintain safe Social Distancing norms, be sure to only come to school during your pre-designated class window. If you have more than one child at SH, please come during your oldest child’s time slot.
    • Please DO NOT bring your children for the material exchange.
    • One car at a time will be met at a table in front of the school.
    • Please plan to bring your student’s iPad including case/keyboard, cord and charging block, as well as any library books, recorders, and textbooks you have at home.
    • Upon returning these items, you will receive any personal items left in your child’s class.

    It is our goal to complete this process quickly and efficiently while also ensuring the health and safety of all our families and staff. While it might be tempting to stay and talk to friends or staff members, we ask that your refrain for the sake of expediency and everyone’s well-being. Just like you, we are all anxious for the time when we are past this situation and can enjoy each other’s company. Unfortunately, the drop off and pick up of materials is not that time.

    Thank you for your assistance with this procedure.

    Solana Highlands Drive-Through

    Distribution of Student Belongings

    Wednesday, June 10
    Rm 14/Kenny--9:30-9:50
    Rm 13/Tatley--9:55-10:15
    Rm 11/Salley--10:20-10:40
    Rm 10/Smith--10:45-11:05
    Rm 22/Murphy’s Combo--12:00-12:20
    Rm 28/Leffel--12:25-12:45
    Rm 30/Mortazavi/Wright--12:50-1:10
    Rm 31/Tarwater--1:15-1:35
    Rm 32/Schultz--1:40-2:00

    3rd grade-- 9:30-11:00
    2nd grade --12:00-2:00


    Thursday, June 11
    Rm 21 /Mulvaney--9:30-9:50
    Rm 23/Baldwin--9:55-10:15
    Rm 26/Keller--10:20-10:40
    Rm 3/Saunders--12:00-12:20
    Rm 4/Battaglia--12:25-12:45
    Rm 1/Otto-12:50-1:10

    1st grade-- 9:30-10:40
    Kindergarten-- 12:00-1:10

    Items to bring for drop off:

    Library books
    Recorders (3rd grade)

    text books (if applicable)

    Items for pick up:
    ● Items from student desk & classroom
    ● Medication from Health Office (if needed)

    Health & Safety Guidelines:
    ● Face coverings will be worn by staff and recommended for families during interaction
    ● Staggered times and days to avoid too many people on campus
    ● All persons will stay in the vehicle during this process.

    Before driving to school:
    Please largely write your teacher’s last name and student’s last name on a piece of paper to put on your dashboard for quick identification. (One for each child)

    While at school:
    ● Parents will drive along the curb and drop off items in designated boxes.
    ● Designated staff will identify student(s) based on dashboard sign and then locate and bring materials to the car.
    ● Parent will indicate if they have medication to pick up and it will also be brought to the car.
    ● Please have patience and continue to pull forward as directed.

    After distribution event:
    ● Student belongings not picked up by June 12 will be disposed of.

    SH Station Drive Thru Map



    Shawntanet Jara
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