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    April 26, 2020

    Dear Solana Highlands Families,

    I am so proud of our students as they embark upon Distance Learning. We are all learning together, making mistakes together, and supporting each other through it all. I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of this wonderful community.  In this week’s letter, you will find the following:

    • An intent to return google form for 20-21—please complete ASAP. Please complete this short survey and let us know if your child will or will not be returning next Fall.
    • An update on iPad use on weekends
    • Child Nutrition Contact information for Free and Reduced Lunch
    • Family Resources and Activities for Social-Emotional Learning
    • A strategy/idea to help YOU, the parent, through these unusual times

    Intent to Return Google Form

    In normal circumstances, this is the time of year that we send a hard copy of the Intent to Return form for the following school year. This year we are asking you to share this important information via a google doc. We are planning for staffing for next year and this information is vital in helping us prepare. In addition, we will be asking if you have an incoming kindergarten friend joining us as well. Please help us as we make plans for next year by completing this survey right away!!

    SH-Intent to Return- English

    SH-Intent to Return-Mandarin

    Student Access to iPads on Weekends

    To support families whose work schedules and student “school” schedules conflict and make it difficult to participate fully in Distance Learning during the week, the district will now be opening iPads for student use on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Thank you to those who provided input and feedback for this need. However, I highly encourage all families to have at least one “unplugged” day each week. Please know that our wonderful teachers are unplugging on the weekends and will not be approving or responding to posts during the weekend. Weekend posts will be approved on Mondays. 

    Free and Reduced Lunch Application 

    If you have had a change in income due to loss of employment and need food assistance, please contact J.P. Kachaluba at our Child Nutrition Services (johnpaulkachaluba@sbsd.net). He can support you through a confidential process of applying for the Free and Reduced Lunch program.

    Family Resources and Activities for Social-Emotional Learning

    Our wonderful SBSD School Counselors have created this resource that will be updated weekly, please check it out on a weekly basis for helpful activities, information, and resources on our Social-Emotional well-being.

    A Strategy/Idea to Help your Family Through these Unusual Times
    As our Solana Highlands community continues to stay at home during the school closures, we understand this extended time together poses some challenges for you and your family. The focus of previous communications has been centered around your children; however, today’s message is meant for you.

    Because you are such wonderful caregivers, I know many of you may be stressing about how the current situation is impacting your child or children. As parents, we always put the needs of our kids ahead of our own. We do need to remember that COVID 19 and its impact on our lives has created a kind of stress we have not known before. In order for you to be able to fully support your family and loved ones, you cannot forget to take care of yourself. If you can stay healthy in mind and spirit, you will be able to lead your children through our stay at home reality successfully.

    An article from The Child Mind Institute entitled “Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus” outlines some wonderful ideas to ensure your own well-being. This article outlines five great strategies for adult self-care. These include:

    • Make time for yourself
    • Prioritize healthy choices
    • Be realistic
    • Set boundaries
    • Reconnect with things you enjoy

    Here is a link to the full article if you would like to read it for yourself:https://childmind.org/article/self-care-in-the-time-of-coronavirus/

    The essence of this message is well summarized in the last paragraph when the author writes, “When you’re running on fumes, caring for others can tax your already depleted resources to breaking point. But when you prioritize your needs, you’re filling the tank, emotionally and physically, and that means you’ll be in a position to offer comfort and care to others when they need it most.”

    Here are some other links to articles that also promote and outline ways for you, as parents, to care for yourself during this time:



    Our Superintendent, Jodee Brentlinger, often shares the need for teachers to take of themselves in order to best serve students. She makes the analogy to the safety procedure on airplanes in which adults need to put on their own oxygen mask before assisting others. Our school has the best parents in the world. That is because you care so deeply about your children and want them to thrive. Sometimes, however, the best way to help them is to help yourself first.


    Shawntanet Jara
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Solana Highlands Elementary School

    Mrs. Jara’s Twitter: @LeadwLovePower
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