• Principal's Message

    Weekly Update, October 27, 2019

    Upcoming events

    Red Ribbon Week October 28 - November 1

    STREAM Fest November 2 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. at Solana Pacific

    Halloween Carnival

    Thank you to Melissa Herrington and the many volunteers who made the 62nd Halloween Carnival a HUGE success!! It was a wonderful day enjoyed by so many people! The amount of time, volunteers, and work that goes into making this event possible is enormous. Many volunteers worked tirelessly throughout October to prepare for the big day. Many volunteers spent all day Saturday and Sunday setting up, preparing tamales, running booths, and tearing down. Thank you to everyone who made the day possible, and thank you to everyone who came to the carnival and supported our SBSF. I can’t wait for next year!

    Red Ribbon Week

    Mark Your Calendars! Red Ribbon Week is starting on Monday, October 28th! This year our theme for Red Ribbon Week is "Healthy Me, Way To Be!"

    The following are the activities planned for Red Ribbon Week:

    • Monday, October 28th - Take The Pledge! Say "High Five to a Healthy Me!" by adding your hand print to the pledge posters during lunch recess.
    • Tuesday, October 29th - Wear Red Day! Show your support for Red Ribbon Week by wearing Red.
    • Wednesday, October 30th - "Play It Safe - Defense Strategies for Children" special assembly. Find out what Chihuahua Confidence is all about. 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. (Grades 5-6), 11:00-11:50 a.m. (Grades K-4). Parents/guardians are welcome to attend.
    • Thursday, October 31st - Happy Halloween! Wear Your Halloween Costume to School.
    • Friday, November 1st - "My Future Is So Bright!" Wear bright colors because you shine!

    The Skyline Halloween Parade will take place first thing in the morning on Halloween. The parade will begin at 9:05 a.m. on Thursday, October 31st on the blacktop. Parents are welcome and can wait for the parade to start inside the designated coned off area on the blacktop AFTER signing in at the front office. Morning drop off procedures will remain the same. All students will go to their classrooms to drop off backpacks and take attendance. Parents please remain outside during the morning attendance process. Once your child’s class has completed their morning routine, the children will return to our playground area and join the parade. Each class will circle the parade route a few times. Parents please stay in the designated areas to allow for children to smoothly and safely move through the parade route.

    The main focus of school every day is learning. Any costume that disrupts class or does not allow a student to participate fully in every class activity will not be allowed. Please review the following costumes rules to ensure a successful day:

    ▪All costume preparations are to be completed at home.
    ▪Hats and jewelry accessories, as part of a costume, are permitted. No other props are allowed.
    ▪Footwear must be safe, supportive and consistent with playground standards. Closed toe shoes are recommended.
    ▪If a costume has a mask, the student will be asked to remove the mask following the parade.
    ▪Students may wear their costume all day at school, unless otherwise advised by the teacher and/or if other individual classroom arrangements have been set up with the teacher.
    ▪All costumes need to adhere to the existing Skyline Dress Code. Note: Inappropriate costumes will be excluded from the parade and parents will be asked to bring a change of clothes to school.

    We look forward to safe Halloween celebrations. We appreciate your support with this effort.

    Play It Safe Assembly

    PlayItSafe-Defense Strategies for Children, will be presenting a Stranger-Awareness and defense assembly to our students on Thursday. Topics will include: “Awareness” the key to self-protection, projecting confidence, trusting their intuition (even if it is someone they know), as well as setting verbal boundaries. We will also be discussing body safety. Like any lesson, this information must be reinforced at home through parent-child communication. Awareness is 90% of self-defense. It’s important to have the conversation with them about who strangers are. Anyone they don’t know is a stranger. They don’t know if that person is good or bad, so we call them “Don’t knows.” It’s not a child’s responsibility to figure out if the stranger is good or bad. Bad strangers can look nice and friendly. Good strangers NEVER talk to children unless they are with an adult! PERMISSION PROTECTS! The MOST important safety tip to reinforce with them is that they should never even “listen” to a stranger. If a stranger gets closer than five arm-lengths, they could be grabbed. Remind your child to never walk alone, always walk against traffic so that they can see the car coming towards them, and to always look over their shoulder when they walk by a stranger. Easy and age-appropriate physical self-defense techniques will be demonstrated using the student-body.

    PlayItSafe: Safety Tips to Review 

    1. SECRET WEAPON “Chihuahua CONFIDENCE”: Be aware of your surroundings and project confident body-language. Set boundaries(or bubble) with eye-contact and distance! 5- arm lengths from a stranger or car. 
    2. BIGGEST WEAPON “YOUR VOICE!”: If a stranger approaches you, run and shout “STRANGER, STRANGER, 911!” Remember, NOISE ATTRACTS ATTENTION! Best to keep the words short so a bystander can understand them. People might think they are playing if they scream or scream “help.” 
    3. STRONGEST WEAPON “YOUR LEGS”: Your #1 goal is to run!!! If you can’t run away, drop to the ground and have a self-defense temper-tantrum and “GO CHIHUAHUA CRAZY!” KICK AND SHOUT “STRANGER! STRANGER! 911!” Never walk alone. Teamwork ROCKS!!! There is safety in numbers. 
    4. Don’t talk to strangers and “NEVER STOP TO LISTEN” to them. 
    5. Stay five arm-lengths or more away from a stranger or a car. Two arms lengths from a bully.
    6. Always walk against the flow of traffic! See the driver’s face. 
    7. If you see a weapon, RUN!!!! NEVER, EVER get into a stranger’s car. 
    8. If someone is following you, go to a place with people. Call 911! “Stay with people or go to people.” Groups are good. 
    9. If you are approached by someone in authority: security guards, policeman, fireman, store manager, have another adult check his credentials. 
    10. If someone you know makes your “Creep Alarm” go off, tell a trusted adult even if they threaten you. Talk to your children about adults they might know that make them feel uncomfortable. If their “Creep Alarm” goes off, they need to tell a trusted adult. Remember, over 90% of the time, when a child or woman is assaulted, it’s someone they know! 
    11. Secrets can be dangerous; no one will hurt you if you tell a trusted adult. Never feel ashamed. 
    12. Permission Protects!!!! Having mom or dad knowing where they are will protect them. 


    Kim Pinkerton