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    September 29, 2019

    Dear Solana Highlands Families,

    Restaurant Night - Please mark your calendars:
    10/22 Shake Shack 11 am - 9 pm
    12/3 Fresh Brothers 11 am - 9 pm
    Every week, our students engage in hands-on, interdisciplinary learning opportunities in their Discovery Lab classes.
    Every week, our students discover something new in STREAM lab.
    Every week, our students create something new in Art lab.
    Every week, our students learn a new sport or skill in their supplemental PE lab.
    Your donation to the Foundation helps pay for instruction, supplies, and materials for Solana Highlands’ 2019-20 Discovery Labs.  We need your help to reach the goal of 100% family participation in the Annual Funds Drive. 
    If you have not donated, please go to solanabeachkids.org to make your donation.  If you have donated, THANK YOU for making discovery possible for our students!
    Solana Beach Schools Foundation presents the 2nd annual SBSD STREAM Fest! Save the date: Saturday, November 2nd from 10 AM to 2 PM on the grounds of Solana Pacific Elementary. This year's theme is ReYOUse, promoting awareness around conservation and recycling efforts to help our planet. There will be engineering challenges, interactive stations, robotic exhibitions, food trucks...just to name a few! Check out the fliers and posters on campus and use the QR code to download the ReYOUse app for more information! STREAM Fest is a free event for all ages, so bring your families and friends! We hope to see you on November 2nd!

    索兰纳海滨学区基金会将举办第二届的索兰纳海滨学区 STREAM 庆祝节!请大家预留以下时间:十一月二日星期六上午10点至下午2点,地点在索兰纳太平洋小学举行。今年的主题是“回收再用ReYOUse”,希望引起大家对环境资源的关注,为保护我们的地球和回收再用多出一份力。届时将会有工程类的各项挑战、互动站、机器人展览、食物售卖车…等等。请留意我们在校园内张贴的传单和海报,也可以利用二维码扫描下载“回收再用ReYOUse”程式以获了解更多信息!索兰纳海滨学区 STREAM 庆祝节是一项免费的户外活动,适合任何年纪段的孩子,我们诚邀您带同家人和朋友一起来与我们欢庆,我们非常期待在十一月二日与您相见。


    Shawntanet Jara
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Solana Highlands Elementary School

    Mrs. Jara’s Twitter: @LeadwLovePower
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PTASolanaHighlands/

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