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    September 22, 2019

     Dear Solana Highlands Families,

    ThoughtExchange - Summer Programs

    Message from Superintendent...

    As Superintendent, it is important to me that the District provide opportunities for stakeholders to provide information to staff around specific topics. This year, we are utilizing ThoughtExchange, a software program that provides an open-ended question to seek input anonymously. Input generated is then shared, anonymously across those participating in the thought exchange, and then requests those participating to rate each other's responses. All of this information is designed to help inform future decision making 

    Our Instructional Services department is seeking parent feedback regarding the District's enrichment program offered each summer. We would greatly appreciate your participation in this ThoughtExchange to help us continue to develop and offer future summer enrichment programming that meet the needs of our families.

    Please click this link to get started -https://my.thoughtexchange.com/#120060165/hubom/#120060165

    The ThoughtExchange will be open through noon Monday, September 23. Thank you for your participation. 

    Entering/Exiting Campus Safety Reminders:  To ensure a secure campus, please remember to always sign in and sign out if you are a volunteer. If you are a parent, picking up or dropping off a student within school hours, please wait in the school lobby and avoid walking with your child to and from class. 

    Staff Parking Lot:  There is absolutely NO RIDING of bikes, scooters, or anything with wheels in the staff parking lot. In the morning, we are noticing kids writing their wheeled gizmos around the parking lot as that is a no-no even with parent supervision. We have staff with staggered start times so cars are continually pulling to that area. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Peachjar: Solana Beach School District works with community organizations (nonprofit only), government entities, and each school's individual clubs & organizations to provide information to families about services and events by distributing flyers. We utilize a service called Peachjar to distribute flyers electronically. Flyers are distributed via email and posted on the Peachjar website. Parents are already subscribed to the service with the email address you provided to the school. You can manage your subscription (including unsubscribing) by visiting Peachjar.com

    What is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)?: Social-emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.  These skills are vital for school, work, and life success.

    Why does SEL matter?  People with strong social-emotional skills are better able to cope with everyday challenges and benefit academically, professionally, and socially. From effective problem-solving to self-discipline, from impulse control to emotion management and more, SEL provides a foundation for positive, long-term effects on children, adults, and communities. View video link to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikehX9o1JbI&list=PLNJiZRTK9Gf8Hh98pLulGD1BhdGkOHjKb

    As a part of our district’s focus on SEL we have four main goals as a district:  1) Trust:  Every child is connected to a trusted adult. 2) Strategies: Students experience social and emotional learning throughout their school day as an authentic component of the current instruction.  3) Development: Adults have opportunities to develop and apply their own social and emotional capacities. 4) Connections/Communication:  Parents and the community are engaged in the process of supporting social and emotional learning.

    Social And Emotional Learning Goals chart with Trust, Strategies, Development, Connections/Communication  

    A little something to think about - At Back to School Night, I mentioned the title of a book that all staff in SBSD is invited to read.  The book is All Learning is Social and Emotional by Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, and Dominque Smith.  I invite you to join us in reading this book.  Later this year, SBSD will be hosting a parent education evening with Nancy Frey as the keynote speaker. The book outlines five areas of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) that are critical for students and adults to develop to be ready to learn, be productive, and be their best. After the introduction chapter, each chapter is devoted to each of these five areas and focuses on how teachers and parents can connect SEL into all student learning.

    Shawntanet Jara
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Solana Highlands Elementary School

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