• The mission of Solana Highlands Elementary School is to provide a safe, nurturing, and dynamic learning environment where all students will maximize their potential intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. Teachers and staff will engage students in relevant, rigorous learning experiences through the use of effective methods of instruction, assessment, and character education. Students will become critical thinkers and responsible, confident citizens who are prepared for a promising, rewarding, and fulfilling future.

    We Believe:

    • Every child deserves the very best education.
    • Every student and teacher deserves respect and should show it in

               his or her interactions.

    • Each child should be taught that he/she should be responsible for

               his/or her own actions.

    • All students have the potential to improve academically, socially,

              physically, and emotionally through a well-developed and

              implemented curriculum.

    • Learning is a lifelong process.
    • Parents, students, and staff share an equal responsibility to promote

              and value education.

    • Instruction should be differentiated to meet all students' needs.
    • Every child should be encouraged to develop a sense of self-awareness,

              self-worth, and pride in his or her achievement.

    • Every child should be encouraged to solve problems creatively, to

              think critically, and to use effective problem-solving and decision-making


    • Students should learn a diverse group of subjects with enthusiasm

              and wonder.

    • Students should approach academic subjects eagerly and without

              fear, even though they may be new or challenging.

    • Teaching students academically is just as important as developing

               their character.