• Everything You Need To Know



    School begins at 8:25am. It is very important that your child be on time for school. When children are late, they must check in at the office, and proceed to class. If your child is absent, you need to call the hotline to inform the school. You may leave a message at any time in the day or evening. If your child needs to leave school during the day for any reason, please check them out at the office. The office staff will contact our room, and your child will be sent up.


    Daily Work:

    Most of your child’s work will be sent home on Fridays. Many of our “hands on” activities are not paper and pencil. I encourage you to talk to your child about what we do in school each day.


    After School Pick Up:

    If your child is not going home the usual way, please send me a message on Parent Square or a note informing me of the plan. I do not feel comfortable sending students home with anyone that I do not know. This is a very important safety plan.



    Please try to mark your child’s jackets, sweaters, hats, and backpacks with their name on them. For safety reasons, please do not send your child to school with non-protective footwear (flip-flops, clogs, sandals). It is important to wear protective footwear for PE participation.



    As part of our curriculum, students need to feel comfortable and practice speaking in front of others. Our Language Arts curriculum provides many opportunities for oral sharing and sharing experiences. Some mornings we have a “Morning Meeting” which provides the chance to learn about each other, share knowledge and practice “presenting” informally. In addition, when your child is Star of the Week, they will have the opportunity to share a special item from home, along with a poster about them. 

    Toys and electronic equipment are NOT permitted at school. Playground equipment is provided for recess and PE periods.



    Each week we will visit the Media Center for a lesson and an opportunity to check out books. If the student chooses to take the books home, they need to be returned the following week. Please keep them in a safe place at home. Students receive a grade on the report card for Media Center. You may also check out the website for the Media Center for additional information.



    Our lunch is not until 12:15, so please send a snack with your child to school – they get very hungry! Please send healthy snacks only, such as cheese and crackers, fruit or yogurt. Candy is not a good snack for the brain for sustainable until lunch. 


    Star of the Week:

    Each week I pull a name to be our Star of the Week. This is the person who we focus on learning about, as well as filling a special role in the classroom. This person gets to walk at the front of the line, conduct Calendar, and other special jobs around the classroom. An additional perk of being Star of the Week is that they get to have sharing and bring in something from home. I discourage all electronics and other pricey items. The Star of the Week needs to complete the poster and return it to school so that we can celebrate them on Friday. Each Friday, we will learn about the poster, then each student will complete a page about why our friend is special. These pages will be put in a book for the student to keep.

    Each child only has the opportunity to be Star of the Week once during the year due to the number of days. When every student has had the opportunity, we start Star of the Day. The only difference is the student has only 1 special day, and we do not make another book, poster or page for the estimation jar.


    Teacher Availability:

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns or a chat. It is best to set up an appointment so as to have my ultimate, undivided attention. Without prior warning, I typically spend the mornings preparing for the day, and afternoons are devoted to the release of the students into good hands. My first priority is to the safety of the students. 

    Please feel free to send me a message on Parent Square. I will make sure to read it and get back to you promptly.


    Parent/Teacher Conferences:

    There are conferences held two times this year where we will discuss the academic and social progress of your child. I look forward to being able to meet each of you individually.


    Birthday Policy:

    In order to best support our district’s Wellness Policy and to address any allergy issues, students may not bring food items to celebrate their birthdays.  In place of food I would like to suggest a small “gift” or “gift bag” concept, which will be distributed to each child in our class. Many items can be found in bulk at any party supply or at the “Dollar Spot” at Target and it is at your discretion what to spend for each “gift bag”.  Some suggestions are: 


    Necklaces           Action Figures          Squeaky Toys          Pencil Toppers

    Squirt Toys           Bubbles          Pencils           Gel Pens/Markers

    Stickers           Super Balls           Whistles           Handmade Note Cards


    Items may be sent to school with your child or dropped off in the office with my name attached.  We will recognize your child’s birthday by singing “Happy Birthday” and allowing them to pass out their treat at the end of the day as the students are dismissed.