• What is Solana Ranch School Site Council (SSC)?

    SSC is a committee of elected parents and staff members whose purpose is to make programmatic decisions in support of educational goals set forth through the school's Strategic Plan.

    Who serves on the SSC?

    The SSC is made up of 10 voting members: the principal, five parents and four staff members. The parent community elects the parent members, and the staff elects staff members. Currently the members are: Angela Tremble, Katy Anderson, Regina Anderson, Dawn Butler, Audrey Day, Iris Whelan, Galen Davis, Sheng Shen, Jenny Williams, and Jay Bijlani.

    What does the SSC do?

    The SSC helps to develop and monitor the school's strategic plan. It evaluates program recommendations to ensure that they support the strategic plan. 

    What is the time commitment to participate on the SSC?

    The School Site Council meets 4 times during the school year. Meetings are held at 7:30 AM. and last approximately 45 minutes. You may view the agenda here.