• Picture of Jerry Jones September 20, 2017

    Dear Families,

    A favorite mantra that I always share with students is "the habits you set today last for a lifetime." One of the many positive habits that we want our children to learn at an early age is the importance of daily, on-time attendance.

    We all know how important regular attendance is in student achievement; and how this translates to future success.  For this reason, please attempt to schedule medical appointments after school hours (when possible) and be sure to plan your vacations around our district's many days of vacations - 185 days!

    When students miss school for non-excused reasons such as family travel, it is often requested that the teacher provide homework ahead of time.  This may be a good idea in theory, but it is actually very difficult, if not impossible to do.  For one reason, plans adjust daily as the class moves along learning new concepts.  Teachers are constantly varying and adjusting the lessons as needs arise. Some "plans" may never come to fruition and others may surpass planning as the class quickly absorbs new material.  Many assignments involve student collaboration, are project-based or require a great deal of thoughtful questioning and personalized learning.

    For this reason, there will be a folder on your student's desk while he or she is away.  Daily work will be added to the folder - the work added is work that will be graded.  Labs, projects, writing assignments, lessons taught with manipulatives, etc. are just missed and cannot be recreated without being in class.  When your child returns, the teacher will go over the work in the folder with him or her.

    Per district policy, two days are allowed to make-up every one day of school that is missed.  So, if a student misses four days of school, the work would be due eight days after returning to school.

    As a school, we absolutely encourage a lot of reading and journaling.  If the internet is available, students can go onto Compass Learning, Dreambox or other online resources they have available to them each day.  Please remember to contact the Solana Ranch Office to notify the office staff that your child will be absent from school.

    For more information, Solana Beach School District's Absence and Tardy Policy, please view the following links:

    Click here for Absence Policy.

    Click here for Tardy Policy.

    Thank you for always doing such a phenomenal job at being such supportive parents that put education as a top priority!


    Jerry Jones

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