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    January 9, 2019

    Logo for Habit 3 "Put First Things First". Dear Parents,

    Happy New Year! I hope that all of you enjoyed the holidays with family and friends.

    During the month of January, we are working on Habit #3, Put First Things First.  “Work First, Then Play” is the catch phrase that helps students remember the purpose of this habit.

     At school, we will be reminding students that this habit means:

    • Spend time on things that are most important; focus on the highest priorities.
    • Say “No” to things you know you should not do and eliminate the unimportant.
    • Set priorities, make a schedule, and follow your plan. Be disciplined and organized.
    • Stay true in the moment of choice.

    As students go through their week, ask them how they are “putting first things first” to enhance their academic goals. If your child asks if they may watch TV, go to the store, play video games, play with friends, etc. simply ask them if they’ve put first things first and done what they are supposed to do first. Teaching children to set priorities and do what’s most important is a life skill that all people need to be successful.

    One way to practice this habit is to have a regular time and place to do homework and study for assessments. It is equally important for students to put assignments neatly in their folders and away in their backpacks for the next morning.

    Another example of putting first things first is to ask your children at the beginning of each week; what they need to be successful, such as any upcoming projects that may need extra materials. This will save you a last minute trip to a store at 8:30 pm the night before a project is due.

    Put First Things First Activities:

    Story Time - Read “The Little Red Hen” or another book and talk about how the book’s character put first things first.

    _____We did it!

    Talk Time - Talk with your child about how it feels when they finish their work first so they can enjoy their time to play.

    _____We did it!

    Family Time - During your weekly family time discuss ways your family can “put first things first” with chores or activities.

    _____We did it!

    Work Time - Work together and help each other get chores done.

    _____We did it!

    Play Time - Enjoy playing a game together after doing the chores.

    _____We did it!


    Jerry Jones, Principal


    P.S.  Be sure to scroll down for our newsletter (Hawk Highlights) to see more information each week about all the exciting things that are happening at Solana Ranch.

       Begin With the End in Mind Quote of the Week:

    “People with goals succeed because they know where they're going.”

    ~Earl Nightingale

    Habit Logo "Put First Things First".





    • 多花时间处理最重要的事情; 专注于最重要的优先事项。
    • 对你不应该和不想做的事情说“不”,并减少参与或剔除不重要的事情。
    • 对各项事物的处理设置优先次序和时间表,并遵循您的计划,有原则性和条理性地执行处理。
    • 在选择的那一刻保持真实,做出明智果断地选择。





    故事时间 阅读“The Little Red Hen 小红鸡” 或其他任何读物,探讨读物中的角色是如何



    交流时间 与孩子们交流时,问问孩子们先把该完成的工作做好,然后再去尽情玩耍时的感受



    家庭时间 在每周的家庭聚会时,和家人一同讨论如何在家务活和其他活动中做到“把首要事



    工作时间 同心协力把家务活做好。


    娱乐时间 完成该做的事情后,一同尽情地享受玩耍时的乐趣。





    2019 年 1月 9日


                                                                                 ~ Johann Goethe

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