• Photo of Jerry Jones November 15, 2017

    The Importance of Connection

    Dear Parents,

    With the holidays quickly approaching, and a welcome break from work and school next week for Thanksgiving, I felt like this would be a great time to talk about being present and connecting with our children. With all of the distractions and business of life, we sometimes forget to be present and mindful with our children. Just last week, I was having dinner with a friend and we were reminiscing about our own children, and commenting on how fast time goes by. In today’s hectic world, let’s not forget how important it is to remain connected with our children as they grow.

    Here are a few tips for forging that connection:

    • Talk and LISTEN to them. This may seem easy, but I mean really Ask questions, remember details. Don’t be too quick to share your ideas and thoughts. This is one of our 7 Habits: Seek first to understand, and then to be understood. For a few minutes each day make it a priority to have a conversation without distractions. Put away your work and phone and make your child(ren) feel like they are the only person in the world!
    • Snuggle them. Aim for 12 hugs or physical connections each day! Rub and massage their backs, tickle feet, tousle hair…children thrive through touch. Make eye contact and smile.
    • One child at a time. Do whatever you need to do to schedule 15 minutes with each child, separately, every day. Of course, there are days when all we can do is meet our children's most basic needs, but get into the habit of making this a top priority. To help with this, consider making a date with your child; take them to their favorite restaurant, go for ice cream, ride bikes, or some other activity they choose!
    • Play and LAUGH with them. Laughing changes brain chemistry and melts fears and anxiety away. Children spend a lot of energy stuffing away their tears and fears, which can make them difficult and explosive. By playing and engaging with your child you will have a stronger bond and more influence as they grow up. So bring out those board games and have some fun with good old-fashioned games!
    • Often times when kids act out, behave poorly, or seem manipulative, it is their way of asking “Do you see me? Can you hear me?" A child who feels connected will cooperate better, and if they are feeling understood their eagerness to please you will soar.  The most important gift that we can give our children is the gift of time. Let’s always remember to stay connected to the people we love the most.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving vacation. We have so much to be grateful for at Solana Ranch. I am thankful every day to work at a school with such supportive, smart and talented parents who love their children and help make our school the best possible place for students to learn, grow and become great leaders!

    For more on this topic, check out “Whispers Through Time” by L.R. Knost. This quick read has all kinds of tips and tricks for communicating and connecting with children.



    Jerry Jones



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