Dear Solana Ranch Families,
    Your child’s safety is vitally important to us. We encourage students and families to walk and ride bikes to school.  We have such an amazing facility that was built with a green focus, and what better way to teach sustainability and environmental awareness, than walking or riding a bike, scooter or skateboard to school?  Plus, it’s such a great way to spend time with your child.  

    For those who drive, the supervised drop-off area will be in the parking lot (with the solar panels) entered from the Blazing Star entrance. All drivers MUST follow the Arrival and Departure Procedures described below. The success of this procedure to run efficiently depends on the cooperation of all drivers. Thank you for your cooperation during this important transition period.


    If you are using the drop-off/pick-up zone, we ask that you:

    Enter the parking lot from Blazing Star Lane.  (After school program vehicles and special needs bussing will enter from our staff and visitor parking lot along the yellow curb.)

    We encourage parents to use this drop-off rather than Sunflower Crest.  If drivers are using the Sun Flower Crest entrance, please note that the side closest to the school is a 3 min. loading and unloading only.  Drivers must not leave their vehicle.  
    Children will exit the vehicle in the unloading area only. Please pull all the way forward before exiting.  Our morning greeter will help the children departing the vehicle. Children should exit the vehicle on the passenger side. Please have your child ready to go with their back-pack in the car and not in the truck.  Parents should not have to get out of the car during this process.  Once the car door is closed, please leave promptly.

    Afternoon Departure procedure:  Drive-In * Pick-up * Depart:
    At the end of the school day, staff will supervise the front parking lot. Students will meet in the lunch shelter in our drop-off zone and staff will call out names of parents arriving. Students will get in the cars from the front of the line.

    Drive-in:     Pull as far forward as you are able.
    Pick-up:      Your child will be waiting for you and will be called upon your arrival.  An adult greeter will help your child enter the car on the curb side (passenger side) only.  
    Departure:  Once the car door is closed, please leave promptly.  Thank you for remembering to drive slowly and carefully when exiting the school parking lot.  With the new developments North of our school, drivers can choose whether they want to circle around the parking lot and turn right (as we have done in the past) or exit the parking lot at the entry of Blazing Star Lane and go straight or turn left.  Please, no use of cell phones.
    To familiarize the students with the departure system, their classroom teacher will discuss and review the procedure.  Thank you for getting your child to school on time and for driving safely.  Our instructional day begins at 8:40 am and ends at 2:48 pm for all grades, K-6 (Preschool starts at either 7:00 or 8:30)
    Before the first day of school, please be sure your child knows where you intend to meet.  
    Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Aerial photo of Solana Ranch to denote traffic plan.