• Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedure


    Before School: 8:20-8:40 – Supervision begins at 8:20 AM. Students may not be left at school before this time without parent supervision.

    If your child is not walking, riding their bike, scooter or skateboard, please use our Pick-up and Drop-off area on Blazing Star Lane. This area is supervised, safe, fast, and efficient for families to use, plus it helps alleviate the parked cars that are on Sunflower Crest on the North East side of our Campus. 

    If you are using the drop-off/pick-up zone, we ask that you:

    • Enter the parking lot from Blazing Star Lane (After-school program vehicles, special needs bussing, handicapped parking, or 15 minute visitor parking can enter the staff parking lot and park along the yellow curbs, handicapped spots, and three visitor spots respectively).
    • Children need to exit the vehicle in the unloading area only. Please pull all the way forward before exiting.
    • Children should exit the vehicle on the passenger side. Please have your child ready to go with their backpack in the car and not in the trunk so that they can exit quickly.  Parents should not have to get out of the car during this process.  Once the car door is closed, please leave promptly.
    • Remain in one lane, single-file at the curb when unloading in the drop-off areas.
    • To help with the Sunflower Crest Area, cones will be placed to signal a cross-walk. If walking, please use this area.
    • If not using the designated drop-off zone, be sure to park in an area that does not require students to walk across the street where a cross walk does not exist.
    • Follow all the rules and laws of the road e.g. only park in legal areas (no handicapped spots, bike lanes), no talking on cell phones, speeding, parking on the wrong side of the street, stopping in the middle of the street to let your child out, etc.

    Helmets are Required:

    • Students who ride a bike, scooter, or skateboard must wear a helmet. If they do not, the child will not be allowed to ride home until they have a helmet.
    • Independent bicycle riding to school is supported for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students at Solana Ranch. Younger students should ride with their parent both to and from school.
    • All riders must walk their bicycle, skateboard or scooter on school grounds to the bicycle/skateboard/scooter/racks.
      • *Anything that is motorized (e.g. electric or gas powered scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, or bicycles) is not permitted. 


    2:50-3:05 – Pick-up for students is from 2:50-3:05. Students not picked up by 3:05 PM will be sent to the office to be picked up and wait for their parents. 

    At the end of the school day, Kindergarten students must be picked up from their classroom, 1st-3rd grade students who walk or ride their bikes, must wait for a parent to pick them up from their numbered lines on the black-top and 4th-6th grade students are excused to go home. Staff will supervise the drop-off/pick-up parking lot as well as the numbered area on the playground. Students who are being picked up from the car-drop off will meet in the lunch area and staff will call out names of parents arriving.  

    If you are picking up your child from the pick-up area: 

    • Drive-in:     Pull as far forward as you are able.
    • Pick-up:      Your child will be waiting for you and will be called upon your arrival.
    • Depart:       Once the car door is closed, please leave promptly.  Thank you for remembering to drive slowly and carefully when exiting the school parking lot. Please, no use of cell phones.

    Students who ride their bicycle or walk home from school should leave the campus immediately after dismissal unless an adult accompanies them. Students are not allowed to play on campus without having adult supervision. 

    Before the first day of school, please be sure your child knows where you intend to meet.  If you would like to volunteer to help with morning or afternoon supervision please let Mr. Jones, the principal, know. It is always a good idea to talk to your children about biking and pedestrian safety: using cross walks, looking before crossing, not riding bikes or walking in the middle of the street, making eye contact with drivers before crossing, etc.

    Thank you for keeping drop-off and dismissal safe and efficient and modeling proper behavior for our children; they are learning from us. If we all take our time, be proactive, and follow the law, our Solana Ranch students will have a safe drop-off and pick-up routine. Thank you for your continued cooperation.