• Children sitting on bench with blue shirts.

    Character Education at Skyline Elementary School is embedded in a larger commitment to fostering a positive school community.  Our integrated approach to character education is based on three components:  a conflict resolution program, a literature based value study and service learning.  All components develop and promote the importance of intrinsic values over external rewards.  Children will feel connected to the Skyline community, while developing a broader perspective and appreciation of the world around them.  Skyline students will recognize the effect of their actions on others, will acquire skills in conflict resolution, and will exhibit compassionate character.

    During the first three weeks of school teachers discuss conflict resolution with their students. Throughout the year, teachers will read books and have class discussions about various character values.  We began the year with the value of sportsmanship.  After the holiday break, we will explore the value of acceptance using the book "I'm Here" by Peter Reynolds.