• Attendance

    Daily, on time, attendance is essential to academic success. If your child is absent from school, you will need to call the office and leave a message at 858-794-4300. 
    If your child is tardy, please take him/her to the office to sign in and get a pass. (If a student is not with his/her teacher at 8:30, then s/he is tardy.) 

    Pick-Up and Drop-Off

    Students are not allowed in the classroom, school building or amphitheater area before or after school without an adult. Before school your child should put his/her backpack near his/her room number, and then go play until the bell rings at 8:25. Playground supervision begins at 8:10.

    Make sure your child knows where to go after school. Choose a special place to meet your child each day. If you need to pick your child up before 2:40, please go to the office to sign him/her out.

    Snack and Lunch

    Snack time is at 10:15 and lunch is at 12:15. Please pack snacks and lunches that are nutritious and that you know your child will eat. Snacks should be packed in a bag separate from the lunch.  You may make arrangements for your child to participate in the hot lunch/milk program by contacting our school office.

    School Supplies

    Each child should have a backpack large enough to carry folders, a lunch (if needed), a snack, and a library book. No rolling backpacks please!

    Instead of asking for specific school supplies, the first grade team is asking for a donation with which to purchase what your child will need. Keep all personal school supplies at home. 

    Weekly School Communication

    Since our school has gone “green” you will need to check on-line for weekly communication. Occasionally there may be items that must be distributed as a hard copy. 

    Friday Envelope/Folder

    Every Friday your child will bring home an envelope or folder that will contain many of the activities s/he did in class throughout the week. Please review and discuss the contents of this envelope with your child. Ask him/her questions about the work completed. Your encouragement at home is an essential part of your child’s education. Please help with any incomplete work and return it the next week. Teachers do not “grade” every assignment, but check for completion and understanding.

    In addition, be on the look out for supplemental activities which may be assigned by your child’s teacher. 


    Homework will include nightly reading, math facts practice and on-line activities. Occasionally a special project may be sent home for homework. Look for these activities in the Friday Folder. 

    If volunteering in the classroom, you will need to have a TB test on file at the front office. These are usually good for three years, so if you have volunteered at Solana Highlands for Kindergarten, we should already have your paperwork on file.
    Also, please sign in first at the front office and receive a “volunteer badge” before coming to the classroom.

    Birthdays are a high point in a child’s year. If you wish to celebrate this special day at school, you may drop off non-edible birthday treats, which will be passed out at teacher’s discretion. This supports the Wellness Policy and prevents potential for allergic reactions. Thank you for your understanding and support. 


    Please be sure that all jackets, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. have your child’s name on them. Please refer to our school Dress Code for appropriate clothing and footwear. Students must wear closed-toe athletic type shoes, especially on P.E. day (see your child’s schedule.) 


    Toys and/or sports equipment are prohibited at school (including cell phones, tennis balls, hand-held games, trading cards, beeping watches, or shoes with wheels on them). Any items of this nature will be collected and a parent will have to to pick them up.