• In the 1970s, the State of California passed a law that set up the School Improvement Program (SIP), which enabled schools to receive supplemental funding from the state. The new law also required that schools establish School Site Councils (SSC) in order to receive and spend the extra funding provided by SIP.

    The Skyline School Site Council is composed of ten (10) members including five (5) parents/guardians or community members elected by parents/guardians or community members, three (3) teacher representatives elected by teachers at the school, one (1) classified school personnel elected by other school personnel at the school, and the school principal. The Site Council develops a coordinated budget and develops the School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), including setting school goals and monitoring program effectiveness.

    Skyline SSC meetings are held four times a year (September, November, March, and May), on Tuesdays, starting at 3:15 PM in the Skyline Conference Room. The agenda is posted in the office window forty-eight (48) hours prior to the meeting. All meetings are open to the public.