Dec. 9th - Dec. 13th

Language Arts

This week we are reading Dear Juno Book 1: Unit 3, Story 2. 

Students will be learning about the different parts of a story-- character, setting, plot.


Comprehension: character, setting, plot

Vocabulary: context clues - sentence clules

Spelling/Phonics: words with ar and or

Grammar:  subject - verb agreement, present tense verbs


Rough drafts were written last week, and this week, I will intoduce how to add researced facts to add to our known knowledge.

This week we will resume our study of Multiplication and Division and begin Module 3. The commutative and distributive properties will be reviewed and we will also introduce 6 and 7 facts. We have continued to practice known math facts during our break with Module 2, so learning 6 and 7 will build off of our known set of factors. 
Social Studies:
We are coming to an end of our study of Natural Resources. The students will be finishing up some activities we have started and will be working on making an iMovie as part of their evaluation.
Up and Coming:
Care and Share due Dec. 18th
Winter Party- Tues., Dec. 17th 1:00-2:30
Winter Break- Dec. 23rd - Jan. 3rd