Reader's Workshop

What is Reading Workshop?

Reading Workshop is a model of instruction that focuses on the work of the reader. Teachers model and teach directly the skills and strategies that proficient readers use. Students are taught that these strategies can be applied to many types of reading and therefore, students have the opportunity to self select books and read a wide variety ot text. Daily, students engage in a mini-lesson, small group instruction conferring and independent reading. A child also has ample opportunities to discuss and write about their reading.


Components of Reading Workshop:


Mini Lesson: A whole group lesson that follows a prescribed curriculum and targets one skill or standard appropriate for the grade level. The teacher models and provides examples with read aloud or shared text.


Independent Reading: Students practice skills with self-selected "just right" text. This  is an opportunity for building stamina, reading with focus and engagement, and skill building. During this time, students may read along and/or with a partner. The child will write in response to their reading and conference with the reader.


Small Group Instruction: The teacher will pull a small group of students to work at their instructional level to guide their reading and teach skills needed to advance to the next reading level and deepen comprehension.

Share: Students have opportunity to share and discuss their reading with other students to deepen comprehension and apply what has been learned. Teachers will also share to emphasize skills and strategies that proficient readers use.


Why Workshop: 

* Teachers with real literature Student centered approach

* Teaches students at individual level to allow for differentiation

* Teachers model the work of real readers so skills transfer to other texts and contexts for learning

* Students have choice and there fore are more engaged