August 27th - August 30th

Third Grade News!
As a third grader your child will be part of a learning community that includes the following teachers: me- Ms. Smith, Mrs. Salley, Mrs. Kenny, and Ms. Tatley. I feel privileged to be part of this learning community. Together we will share a year of fun filled learning activities. I can't wait to get started. it is going to be a WONDERFUL year!
Be Proactive:
Please take a moment to join Solana Highlands PTA. Your PTA supports daily learning in and outside the classroom through volunteers and funding bringing the community together.
Put First Things First: 
Our students will participate in P.E. 15 to 30 minutes daily. To ensure students are prepared for P.E. and recess, please encourage your child to wear tennis shoes to school each day.
Supplies are provided for each and every student.  My wish list is on the sliding door if you would like to donate. Thank you in advance!
Birthdays are a high point in a child’s year. If you wish to celebrate this special day at school, you may drop off non-edible birthday treats, which will be passed out at teacher’s discretion. This supports the Wellness Policy and prevents potential for allergic reactions. Thank you for your understanding and support. 
Road to Success:
Read with your child for 20 minutes each night.
Dates to Remember:
August 23: Mini Open House (9:15 - 10:00)
August 27:  First day of school
August 29:  Back-to-School Night  
Sept. 2:   Labor Day (No School)