• Top 6 Goals for

    Solana Ranch

      1. High expectations for students, staff and parents: “Everything We Do Communicates Excellence.”
      2. Establish a safe, orderly, and positive school climate focused on academics, teaching and learning, and recognition of students in ways that promote Leadership and a Growth Mindset.
      3. Flexible, positive, progressive, and highly collaborative staff and parents that are committed to students’ overall development (academics, physical, social, and emotional needs) and their own personal and professional growth.
      4. Development of 21st Century Skills (the 4Cs and STEM) 
      5. Promote a culture of sustainability and environmentally responsible students, staff, and parents.  
      6. Staff and parents will lead by example to inspire, and motivate students, to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.  Our motto, 

    Inspiring Greatness in Tomorrow's Leaders!