•                      MRS. MOORE'S FIRST GRADE O.W.L.'S                           (outstanding whimsical learners)

    Our class loves learning about a variety of things. Please come browse our website and see what is going on in Room 2!
  • Yellow Owl Purple owl                                                   Welcome to First Grade!

         We will be busy learning and making many new friends while keeping the old.  This year we will be focusing on character, academic, emotional, and social growth.

        My goal is to help all students feel comfortable to take risks and be their unique self in our classroom.  Our classroom is a community built on caring, respectful, and honest individuals. 

        I hope to facilitate an environment where learning is a life long dedication.  First grade is full of challenges and successes.  We will consistently set goals and celebrate our achievements!

        It is my hope that you will be an active part in your child’s education too.  With your help we can make our learning community the best place for your child to learn and grow.  I look forward to working with you and your first grader!


    Childhood is a journey... Not a race!                             

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    Life Long Learners are:

    • Creative
    • Curious
    • Cooperative
    • Productive
    • Empathetic
  • School is for practicing.  Not for being perfect!