Student Morning drop-off (8:10-8:24 am) - There are three drop-off zones.  If you want to walk your child to the gate and you come via car, you will need to park in the east parking lot or on the street in the neighborhood.  Only students are allowed through the gates.

        • If you have more than one child and you would like to drop off at one gate we suggest you use the zone of the youngest child.
        • Kindergarten students enter the playground area by the front entrance (Gate A)
        • 1st,2nd 3rd grade students enter either east drop-off zone (parking lot Gate #P) or west Gate D
        • The gate will be locked at 8:24 when the bell rings, at this point please bring your student through the front office to sign them in as tardy.  

    Please remember the front parking lot and drive through is NOT a drop off driveway/zone, this zone is used for those students with additional supports.

    Student Afternoon pick-up 2:45pm (Wednesdays 1:45pm)

        • If you have more than one child we suggest, use the zone of the youngest child.
        • Kindergarten students are excused from the kindergarten playground area by the front entrance Gate A (Goldberg and Beebe) and Gate B along Carmel Creek Rd (Pauels & Redo). 
        • 1st & 2nd grade students are excused from the east pick-up zone Gate N (1st)  & Gate P (2nd)
        • 3rd grade students are excused from the west pick-up zone (on Carmel Creek Rd. Gate D)

    U-turns are NOT allowed around the school zone and will be ticketed by the local police.

    Crosswalk: We ask all persons to use the crosswalks.  Please do not jaywalk as we want to teach and model to our young students how to safely and properly cross any street.  We do have staff stationed in two locations to monitor crossings and encourage crosswalk use, but they are not allowed to direct the traffic.  Safety of everyone is always a priority.

    Drop-off/pick-up plan: Please develop and discuss a daily drop-off and pick-up plan with your child(ren) and ways to be safe, such as crosswalk use and being aware of their surroundings.  Please contact the teacher or front office if your plan has changed on any given day.

    Late Pick-up: Gates are locked once all students are picked up and at 2:55 at the latest.  Any remaining students will be escorted to the front entrance to be picked up.

    Safety and respect: Our number one priority is to be safe. We have nearly 350 students to get to and from school safely, it is necessary that each parent/guardian accept their responsibility.  ALWAYS SHOW RESPECT FOR STAFF, WE'RE ALL DOING OUR BEST.  Thank you for your cooperation to ensure the safety of our students.

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