March 22, 2017


Dear Parents,

Thanks again to all of you for making our student-led Parent-Teacher conferences!  I appreciate all that you do at home, and everything our teachers and staff do to support your children.  I always say how much I appreciate the great teamwork that is demonstrated at school and at home to promote student success and last week was a great example of how the combined efforts of us all, including our students, are taking them to great heights!

Speaking of success…when I think of personality traits that lead to future success, the first one that comes to mind is work ethic; there are certainly many others – responsibility, interpersonal skills, education and competency, but work ethic is certainly at the forefront of traits of successful people.

Working hard and sticking with a tough task is a sign of strong character, and one that we all know goes a long way in school and life.  Students who keep at a task are more successful than those who quit at the first sign of difficulty.  Robert Marzano, a well-known education researcher, wrote some tips for ways parents can encourage effort:

  • Tell a story.  We all have stories about the times we had to work hard to accomplish something; and kids love stories. I think we as adults get a lot of pleasure from telling them.  Talk about a time you had trouble learning to do something.  Let your child see that things haven’t always come easily for you.  For me, my father and mother are my greatest role models, and their lessons are forever stamped into my character.
  • Notice effort.  When you see your child trying to do something, compliment them.  Say, “I’m proud of how hard you are working on this project.”  I have written many times in previous newsletters of the importance of praising the effort, not the product or outcome.  Please do not focus on the grade, the score, how many goals were scored or whether a game was won or lost.  We want to teach students to control what is in their circle of influence; and effort is always within their control. 
  • Help your child see progress.  Your child may be focusing on how far they still have to go; adults are just as guilty of this and do not always acknowledge how far their children have come.  You can keep your child motivated by helping them realize how far they have come. “Last week, you could only run around the block.  Today you were able to run over ¼ mile.” Or “A few weeks ago, you only knew your times tables up to three, but now you know them all the way to the sixes!”

Thank you for helping to raise such great all-around children! 



Jerry Jones, Principal
Source: Robert J. Marzano, A Handbook for Classroom Instruction that Works 
P.S.  Be sure to download the newsletter below (Hawk Highlights) to see more information each week about all the exciting things that are happening at Solana Ranch. 

 Seek First to Understand, and then to be Understood Quote of the Week:
The word LISTEN contains the same letters as the word SILENT.”    
~Alfred Brendel    

  • March 22nd Newsletter (Hawk Highlights)


    Be sure to read all the upcoming news in your newsletter.  It contains important messages from the principal, PTO and Foundation. This is a must read if you want to keep up with all that is going on at Solana Ranch! Click on the link below.  This is a big file, so please allow sufficient time for downloading.

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  • Are you returning in the Fall?


    We need your assistance in projecting our student enrollment for Fall 2017.  Please download letter and and fill out the bottom portion and let us know if you will or will not be returning next Fall.  Please return it to your child's teacher or front office by Friday, April 7th.  Thanks!

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  • Heritage Night Performance Registration


    Due April 21st if you would like to help or perform at the Solana Ranch Family Heritage Night on April 28th.

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  • 2016-17 Yearbook Order Form


    Pre-order your yearbook by March 31, 2017 - ONLY $30.00.  All yearbooks must be pre-ordered before March 31st as no yearbooks will be available for purchase in June.  Download order form for your convenience.

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  • CDC Spring 2017 Enrichment Classes


    Classes begin April 3rd.  See flyer for class information and registration form.

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  • Minimum Day Workshop


    CDC is offering a Minimum Day Workshop - Wednesday, April 5th.  See flyer for classes and registration information.

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  • CDC Summer Camp


    April 10th - 14th. See flyer for details.

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  • CDC - Violin for Beginners Class


    Grades 2-3 on Wednesdays, 4/19 - 6/7.  See flyer for more information and registration form.

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  • Debate Club


    For 4th - 6th graders.  Wednesday mornings - 7:30 - 8:30 AM.  See flyer for registration information.

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  • Solana Beach Summer Band Program


    See flyer for registration information.

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  • BDM Soccer Club Spring Break Camp


    April 10-13, 2017.  See flyer for details.

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