PHR Long Term Facility Options

Solana Beach School District Board of Education Continues Discussions on Long-Term Facility Options for Pacific Highlands Ranch

On Thursday, October 11, 2018, the Solana Beach School District Board of Education (Board) gave staff direction regarding long-term facility options for Pacific Highlands Ranch. The Board requested staff pursue the expansion of the Solana Ranch School campus as well as the utilization of existing facilities for the long-term housing of Solana Beach School District students.


District staff presented options to build a small school #8, expand Solana Ranch School, and/or utilize other existing school facilities. The purpose of the presentation was to receive direction from the Board to eliminate, add, or narrow specific options to bring back to the November 8, 2018, regularly scheduled board meeting.


Due to funding shortfalls of more than $15 million for the property and construction, coupled with annual operation costs of approximately $1.3 million, a small school #8 was deemed as fiscally irresponsible. The Board will take action to officially eliminate the school #8 option at the November 8, 2018, regularly scheduled meeting. Expanding Solana Ranch School maintains a neighborhood school concept and maximizes existing fiscal resources.


The Board gave staff additional areas to explore including: transitioning Solana Highlands School to a K-6 campus, offering transportation within the Carmel Valley area, as well as assigning attendance for the One Paseo Development.