Principal's Message

Principal's Message

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Dear Parents/Guardians:


As we enter our last week of school, the promise of summer is finally here! For us as teachers, and for all of our families, summer can be a period of great joy, but it can also stretch in front of us in a way that worries us: Will our children thrive as readers in these months? It is during this time that children are at risk for the “summer slide,” a phenomenon that occurs when children are not reading or connecting with books in a rich and robust way. These “lost” months are not only a time when children may remain static in their reading progress, but some can fall back or lose ground. To ensure that your children continue to progress as readers, I would like to offer the following tips:


  1. Have your child find a comfortable space at home where they can read each day for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Bring your child to the library so they can choose books that make them feel comfortable. We want to instill a love of reading at home!
  3. Create a Curiosity List of things your child and your family most want to learn about this summer, and then find books on some of these fun and interesting topics.
  4. Have your child reach out to their grandparent, a neighbor, an aunt, or a friend from class to share what they are currently reading.
  5. Challenge your child to take a kindness action from a book or story they are reading, and perform this same action or another action of their choice for another person.
  6. Have your child read a book about a courageous person in the world and have a family conversation at dinner about what courage means and where they see small or big examples of courage in the world.
  7. Identify one or two things you are seeing your child do as a reader this summer, whether it’s trying a new genre or having breakthroughs in reading hard words. Celebrate these small steps by posting a compliment on your child’s bedroom wall or have a special family dinner.


The Solana Beach School District has also put together a number of resources for a summer of fun learning this year! Please visit our Summer Fun Learning web page at where you will find a variety of STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) activities as well as links to DreamBox Math and Overdrive (an online ebook library). 


Feel free to try out the various resources. It's all about challenging the brain a little bit each day with fun, yet educational activities.


I wish you a safe, restful and fun summer and we will see you all at Mini Open House on Monday, August 27th!  


Lisa Denham, Principal


Don’t forget to mark these important dates on your calendar:


Mini Open House . . . . . . . . . . Monday, August 27th

First day of school . . . . . . . . .Tuesday, August 28th