Third Grade with Mrs. Klinge!

    Mrs. Klinge

    Welcome to third grade with Mrs. Klinge! This year, I will guide my students in exploring their passions, playing an active role in their learning, and making new discoveries.  Through the power of positivity and the use of a growth mindset, we will achieve our goals and reach success! This will be my 11th year teaching in the Solana Beach School District, and my first year teaching at Carmel Creek Elementary.  As a product of the Solana Beach School District myself, I am extremely proud to be a part of this learning community now as a teacher (instead of a student).  Below are some of my favorites, so you can start to get to know what makes me, me!


    • Colors: Mustard yellow & olive green
    • Music: Folk, bluegrass, indie, & hip-hop
    • Artist: Frida Kahlo
    • Poet: Shel Silverstein
    • Food: Avocado toast, sushi, & burritos
    • Movie: The Labyrinth
    • Hobbies: ALL arts & crafts, reading, volunteering, hiking, and spending time with my husband and our many animals (see their cute pics below!)
    • Scents: Lavender & Rose

    Please feel free to contact me through Parent Square or by email (toriklinge@sbsd.net) throughout the school year, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

    Picture of my dog, Bart

    Picture of my dog, Hunny


    A picture of my dog, June

    Picture of dog named Birdie

    Picture of my dog, Pee-wee

    Picture of my cats, Otis & Redding

    Picture of my cat, Sookie

    Picture of my cat, Lulu

    Picture of my cats, GG & Frankie

    Picture of my goat, Daisy

    Picture of my goat, Fern

     Picture of my chickens!

    My ducks, Lodi & Dodi

    Picture of my horse, Chapo